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X-Files News
The Son of X-Files 04/16/08
It's TRUE! There is a new X-Files movie on the way!

X-Files II News! 04/01/05
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Endgame for The X-Files 5/20/02
Attack of The Baby Clones! 5/01/02
The Lone Gunmen Die Again! 4/22/02
Carter Reveals X-Files Secrets! 4/17/02
Chris Carter TV Guide Online Chat Transcript 8/23/01
David Duchovny - LA Times 6/6/01
Chris Carter at the Television Critics Association 7/20/00

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The Truth Is REALLY Out There, Baby!

It's only a TV show..

Try to remember that it's all in fun. The little scars you think might be from alien probes are more likely dings where you smashed into the coffee table running back to the couch from the kitchen during a commercial break. Just because you suffer from unexplained memory losses, that is no reason to assume you are slipping into the wormholes riddling your living room. Missing an episode of X-Files because your Mom wants to watch the ABC Sunday Night Movie, The Mysterious Ghost of Princess Diana, is really no reason to buy an assault weapon and force your parents to live in the crawlspace above their bedroom. In fact, if you are still reading this hoping to learn something you don't already know about the relationship between The Smoking Man and Frohike, well.. In the words of a famous TV hero from a time long ago and far away: "GET A LIFE!"

And don't forget to write if you get work..

Captain, my captain!

Al Hodge as Captain Video in the 1950s

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